Chippewa Aerospace Group

Chippewa Aerospace, Inc. is an aviation services corporation headquartered in Conway, South Carolina with operations in Hopkinsville, Kentucky. Our goal is to achieve and aggressively maintain a leadership position in our industry.


  • Quality Customer Service
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Innovation by recognizing new ideas
  • Integrity to our customers and the company

Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as one of the leading engineering service firms in the aerospace industry. Our broad base of experience and expertise has afforded us the opportunity to provide our services to a wide range of foreign and domestic aerospace companies, private aircraft owners and a variety of other commercial and high end business jet owners.

The principals and management team believe that the success of Chippewa has been and will continue to be accomplished through the adherence to core values and confidence in its selected delivery system. The most significant of our core values is to provide the highest quality customer, value-added service to the community and industry within which we operate. The strategic focus of the management team is to build upon the exceptional reputation and relationships already present in the global marketplace to perpetuate substantial growth.